Interview With Temam Aba Bulgo on current affairs


The residents of Berebeyu are known to be positive and light-hearted people but concerns about their future survival in the face of climate change are increasingly dominating their conversations.

But a seed of hope was planted in May 2019 when the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in collaboration with a local implementing partner Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekanysus Development and Social Service Commission, joined hands with the community to launch a project that is seeking to stem the tide of environmental degradation.

The project aims to rehabilitate the environment while supporting the reintegration of migrant returnees by reducing land degradation in selected watershed areas through afforestation and the integration of fruit tree cultivation to support livelihoods.

The project is taking place under the European Union(EU)-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration (the Joint Initiative) which facilitates safe, orderly, regular and responsible migration management through the development of rights-based and development-focused procedures and processes on protection and sustainable reintegration. The Joint Initiative, backed by the EU Trust Fund, has been set up in close cooperation with 26 African States.


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