The expected result came


The expected result came. Additionally, when artifacts are brought back to their home country, it boosts the pride and confidence of that nation. When France gave back the Dahomey statues to Benin, they had a parade where thousands of people came to see the sculptures at a free exhibition at the president's palace in Cotonou. 


These celebrations and showing cultural items from their country make people feel proud, and confident about who they are. Returning artifacts to their rightful owners positively affects a country's cultural scene by encouraging investment. 


Benin City in Nigeria is constructing a new museum complex to showcase artwork brought back from the West. The people who support the museum want it to become a popular attraction for people all around the world in Benin City. 


The opening of new hotels and businesses to cater to tourists will lead to more employment opportunities and boost the economy of the local area. If this keeps happening, we might see very valuable artwork come back to where it belongs. 


The Nefertiti Bust, Rosetta Stone, and other artifacts might be given back to Africa soon. They are currently displayed in the Neues Museum in Berlin and the British Museum. Sure, this might never happen. 


We can't know what will happen in the future. But now is the time for Africa's old art to go back to its home, boost the continent's influence, and help its economy.

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