The four contestants of Fana Lamrot are ready to win


The tenth chapter of the Fana Lamrot singing competition ends tomorrow. The four contestants of Fana Lamrot are ready to win. We see many shows on television with singers judged by a jury. Maybe you're preparing to enter a singing competition or audition for a show, or for college admissions and scholarships. Have you ever wondered what exactly is to appreciate a singer's performance? 

While we like to think that this process is objective, many judges base their own musical experience, basing their scores on what they think of the singer. However, it is possible to evaluate the song more objectively. Understanding what judges are looking for and how they typically make decisions about applicants will give you an edge when preparing for your audition. 

As an audition team member and coach that has auditioned thousands of singers, I will share with you a precisely calibrated method used to evaluate singers. While it is not possible to be 100% objective in judging a performance(judges are influenced by what they do and what they don't like), it is possible to bring objectivity to the audition process sing. 

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