The father who paid the price to take care of his twin newborns!


I lost the mother of my children. The father who paid the price to take care of his twin newborns! There’s nothing like “the” way of being a great father. In learning about fatherhood, there is no doubt that sometimes the new dads will mess things up or feel they are getting challenged. And it’s okay! Totally normal! But as people say, if “there is a will, there is a way always”.


To help you out, here are a few fatherhood challenges and some ways to resolve them that could actually come in handy. As fathers day is just around the corner, get yourself prepared so that your child can pamper you with fathers day cake and confess that you are the best! If not some cake, you will indeed be gifted with some fathers day gifts online to appreciate your contribution and efforts.


Let’s start discussing these challenges in detail. With new responsibilities comes newly developed pressure to earn more. Why not? From diapers, clothes, and medicines to school supplies, later on, everything demands money. Until and unless your child grows old enough to start living independently and earning themselves, you are the bread earner of the family and need to take care of the earning part. Even for pampering you on father’s day, your child would ask for pocket money from you to gift you some personalized fathers day gifts. You can’t help it!

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