New evidence was found against Jawar Muhammad


Ethiopian News - New evidence was found against Jawar Muhammad

People are looking interested so we are using natural dying and local fabrics that is quite interesting. They are made from natural cotton that comes from the north west part of Ethiopia which is made using basically their hands, no chemicals very little toxic fuels and what really matters is no irrigation. 




It is very clean cotton which is the probably the best made for environment. We are trying to do natural dying mainly with soils with no chemicals natural and eco-friendly also the quality of the leather





We are making 1500 up to 2500 shopping bags per day and two dozens of this bags from very natural materials. Our target customer’s in terms of shopping bags are mainly food retailers. The commercial market like Europe is huge, it really represent millions of product that are served by China and other Asian producers with some plastic and synthetic materials. 




I think we have chance of selling not only the shopping bags but also other similar products that can be used in everyday life made from natural products. In terms of our Afar line our target customers are mainly travelers or any one that passes through Africa and has a strong emotional relation with the continent and with the country.

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