Tensae Gubena performed his music on Seifu on EBS stage


Artist Tensae Gubena performed his music on Seifu on EBS stage. The EU Film Festival 2023 was opened on October 27 at the National Theater in the presence of officials from the Minister of Culture and Sports and Ambassadors of EU Member States and other dignitaries. 


During the opening, a Spanish film titled Las niñas (Schoolgirls) was screened. The festival will run until 19 Nov 2023 in different venues around the city. During the days 22 European films will be screened and a short film competition will be conducted.


The European Union Film Festival (EUFF) is an annual event that showcases a diverse selection of European films from various countries within the European Union. The festival aims to promote European cinema, and cultural exchange, and foster an appreciation for European filmmaking.


The EU Film Festival typically takes place in different cities around the world, featuring a curated program of recent and acclaimed European films. The festival allows audiences to explore the cinematic works of different European countries, including dramas, comedies, documentaries, and art-house films.


The festival often includes a range of genres and themes, providing a glimpse into the cultural diversity and storytelling traditions of Europe. It may feature films from countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, and many others, offering a platform for emerging talents as well as established filmmakers.


The EU Film Festival not only showcases films but also often includes special events like panel discussions, Q&A sessions with directors or actors, workshops, and exhibitions. These activities add dimension to the festival by allowing attendees to engage directly with filmmakers and gain deeper insights into the creative process and the stories behind the films.

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