Government senior executives held talks with Communities of Amhara And Kemant


The theatrical performance of the dancers had everyone’s attention. Lastly, on his final performance he said “We all will make a promise to our country… anyone who says I am young, I have energy, anyone who says I am a person, I ask you to make a promise.” He concluded his performance by saying, “I made a promise, Ethiopia won’t fall, Ethiopia will not be ruined.”  People were happy to hear him say something important in relation to all the current events.

Yared Negu also performed his songs to the crowd, making everyone dance. Betty G. continued to perform making the crowd go wild with her famous hit Gereye. Afterwards Asge and Betty made the crowd go crazy. The audience was mesmerized to see the duo perform Zono Zoka on stage as well.

Later on, the big wait was over; Yemi Alade came on stage, and who would have known she had an enormous fan base in Ethiopia. She appeared on stage, right after her crew passed with the audience and people cheering her on. She gave her everything on stage, performing in Ethiopia has gotten her excited. She even invited a couple of the audience to go on stage to dance with her. Almost everyone volunteered, there was a mini competition on stage and Yemi choose three dancers to accompany her on one of her performances.

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