Ethiopia: One-bedroom 20/80 program Condominium Winners List


Ethiopia: One-bedroom 20/80 program Condominium Winners List 


The pre-census preparations for the 4th National Population and Housing Census are progressing well, according to the Ethiopian Population Census Commission.

The Ethiopian Population Census Commission evaluated the implementation of the plan for the census today. 

Chairing the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said full deployment of the structure of the commission is essential to successfully accomplish the upcoming census to be held on April 6, 2019.

Some 140,966 enumerators, 38,162 supervisors and 1,173 IT coordinators will be deployed to conduct the 4th National Population and Housing, it was learned.

Confidentiality and strict compliance to the procedures set are among the things the enumerators should demonstrate, the chairperson noted.

The commission has suggested the setting up of observer teams comprising professionals and reputable persons to be deployed during the census.

Getting about 3,607 training centers for the total 180,000 workers to be deployed was mentioned as a challenge and proposals were forwarded to look for institutions of higher learning as alternatives.

Furthermore, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that variations in the number of workers to be deployed does not indicate the population size of any given place.

Noting the efforts underway to shortly resettle the internally displaced people, Demeke stated that they will be counted in their current location if we cannot possibly resettle them under the time frame left.

Some 35,000 solar chargers are about to be distributed to back up any power supply failure for the 180,000 tablets to facilitate the census.

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