Artist Biruktawit's 'Yeater Wof Atesmash' program


Ethiopian actress Biruktawit's 'Yeater Wof Atesmash' program. One of the traditions we have in our country Ethiopia is to ask and visit a pregnant woman. It advises mothers to pregnant women. "Say this, drink this... Oh, don't get cold, move around, etc.."


When her delivery is near her friends and even her neighbors prepare porridge and rice grains for her. While chanting, grain is sifted in all kinds. In general, she is going to bring a precious human child to the earth, and besides her mother and father, her friends and relatives swear with joy.


God blesses and everyone takes care of the pregnant woman because a child is about to be born. Her love will be fulfilled by whoever is able. One of the butter, one the milk, the other the food, they all ask her. Even on the road, priority is given to pregnant women. 


When the pregnant woman is about to give birth, when the porridge grains are ground and brought into the house, the woman's neighbors, friends, and relatives are invited to eat the porridge and say "Yeater Wof Atesmash"


This is because the bird on the fence is so close to the neighbor that it hears the sound quickly. It means that when the labor comes, the pregnant woman will give birth safely, without the pain getting worse without anyone else hearing her cry, not even the nearest bird of the fence. It means wishing him to make her morning easier.

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