We are going to Celebrate 25 years of friendship and collaboration


We will Celebrate 25 years of friendship and collaboration with a charity and music concert. Addressing the interplay of institutional weakness, political instability, and a weak middle class involves implementing targeted and comprehensive strategies that address each element.


Regarding institutional weakness, it is necessary to reinforce the rule of law to ensure that institutions operate with transparency, accountability, and fairness. Implementing and enforcing anti-corruption measures within public and private institutions can strengthen institutions. It is also necessary to invest in building the capacity of institutions to perform their functions effectively and efficiently.


It is necessary to undertake the following reforms about political instability: Undertake democratic reforms to strengthen institutions and processes to ensure inclusive and transparent governance—address underlying causes of political instability, investing in conflict resolution mechanisms and dialogue. Promote political inclusion and representation of diverse groups within the political system.


The solution to institutional weakness and political instability is strengthening institutions and political governance in the country. It is also necessary to undertake economic development, which creates a robust middle class in the country. As economies grow, more people have access to education, employment opportunities, and upward social mobility. A robust middle class emerging from economic development contributes to the active participation of citizens in democratic processes.


A politically engaged and informed middle class can advocate for good governance and hold leaders accountable. The question is, what are the strategies and policies for creating a middle class in Ethiopia? Taking into account the pressure of rapid population growth in the country, I suggest that policymakers implement comprehensive strategies that address the following issues:


Job Creation for the Unemployed: Job creation is fundamental to the growth of the middle class. When new job opportunities emerge, individuals can move from lower-income positions to more stable, higher-paying jobs.

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