Nuer ethnic youth tiktokers who promote their culture


They say don't play the music of this culture... but we are all Ethiopians. Nuer ethnic youth tiktokers who promote their culture. Nuer is an area in the Gambela Region of Ethiopia. This place was made from the previous part of Gambela called Administrative Zone 3.


This area is next to South Sudan on the south, west, and north, and next to Anuak Zone on the east. The Pibor River marks the border on the south and west, while the Baro River marks it on the northern side. 


Some towns in this area are called Tiergol, Matar, Nyinenyang, Kuachthiang, and Kuergeng. Nuer Zone is made up of five areas: Akobo, Jikawo, Lare, Makuey, and Wentawo. Nuer Zone is located in the lowlands of Ethiopia and is a flat area that is about 400 to 430 meters above sea level. 


The area has flat land covered in grass, wet areas with lots of water, and some patches of trees. The economy mostly relies on keeping and raising animals. In 2006, there were no groups of farmers working together, no recorded roads, and not many other basic facilities. 


In both Jikawo and Akobo areas, they get a lot of floods during the rainy season. So, the people have to move to higher areas with their animals until the flood goes away. 

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