The Campaign To Remove Emboch Sea Weed Could Not Continue Due to The Barriers Of Local Authorities


The campaign to eradicate water weed (water hyacinth) from Ethiopia's Tana Lake is failing due to lack of cooperation front local authorities. The machinery has not been working for the past 4 months.  | Mereja TV  

The passenger terminal is part of an expansion project being conducted to ease congestion at the existing terminal and properly serve the ever increasing passengers.

Up on going fully operational, the passenger terminal will have a capacity to accommodate 20 million passengers per year.

Transport Minister Siraj Fagessa and other stakeholders have visited the various expansion projects including a five star hotel being developed by the national flag carrier.

Speaking at the occasion, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Tewelde GebreMariam said that the expansion project has currently reached 83 percent.

The construction of the terminal is being underway in the east and west direction of the existing terminal, of which the one found in the eastern direction has commenced service, as its construction has completed.

The existing passenger terminal has a capacity to give service to five million passengers; however, it has been accommodating 11 million passengers, creating congestion.

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