Interview with philanthropist Hiwot Tadesse


She collected more than 50 million Birr and sent it to Ethiopia to help heart patients. - Interview with philanthropist Hiwot Tadesse. On August 31, 2023, people from the Addis Ababa Housing Development and Administration Bureau came together in the Bambi neighborhood to open a new daycare center. 


The daycare center is inside the Bureau's area. This project aims to offer affordable childcare choices for parents who do not have much money. This daycare center is special because it is built using plastic materials that have been recycled instead of regular materials.


The Bureau worked together with a company called Kubikr, which focuses on environmental technology. This company was created by a young entrepreneur named Kidus Asfaw. Kidus, who comes from Addis Ababa, studied Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering at Duke University to earn a Bachelor's degree. 


He went to Princeton University to learn more about how economies grow and how countries can develop better. He got a special degree in Public Affairs. Kidus started Kubik two years ago because he wanted to turn plastic waste into materials for buildings that are good for the environment and can continue to be used for a long time. 


Our primary goal is to provide affordable and secure housing options for those who are financially constrained. We aim to improve the living standards of individuals by offering quality homes.


Kubik's strategy centers around using plastic bins as affordable, eco-friendly building materials in Ethiopia. The company aims to improve people's lives by enabling them to find secure and affordable homes.


Kidus pointed out that many projects in Ethiopia don't give enough importance to using plastic bins as building materials. However, at Kubik, our goal is to close this divide by offering a different option that has attracted a lot of attention from different real estate companies.

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