What happened to the young Ethiopian artist?


Tadias Addis - The sad incident on the young Ethiopian artist Micsolo. Artist Zebiba Girma mistakenly sent 50 thousand birrs to a person. Folk music originates from traditional culture and has its characteristics among each country and people. 


For generations, Ethiopian folk music has been interwoven with the sounds of Ethiopian culture and passed down from generation to generation. An aspiring songwriter and folk music singer, his Wegdayit experimented with the music and literature of indigenous peoples of Ethiopia and Africa to create his folk music.


According to Wegdayit, there were many indigenous sounds and music performed across Africa and Ethiopia, but they were unarchived and pure tribal sounds. Sounds used by artists include African Kushtic sounds, religious Jared sounds, and many other indigenous sounds for which knowledge was limited in Ethiopia. 


“We took these sounds from the Ethiopian and African cultures, which lacked a solid archive, and recorded them to give them a contemporary musical sound. We tried to apply his influence to contemporary music.” Wegdayit explained.


Wegdayit was introduced to literature and music by his family when growing up in Addis Ababa. Since his childhood, he has been involved in various fields of music and writing. Wegdayit followed in the footsteps of his father, a writer, and his mother, a church choir singer. 


In addition to the influences that brought him into the world of music, he claims there are many other motivations in his life. "Life is one of the many factors that inspired me to pursue a career in the music industry. Life and the meaning of life continue to drive me to this day," he said Wegdayit.

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