Comedian Filfilu And Demese Wanos Comedy On New Year


Ethiopia: Comedian Filfilu And Demese Wanos Comedy On Ethiopian New Year Special Program

Deamat was started late last year and continues to look for investors, locally and from the international sector to help reach more farmers and fulfill its potential, she said.

A diplomat (who asked to stay anonymous) told The Reporter, how impressed he was when he met her in Addis at an embassy event.

“Most of the startups in Ethiopia have lots of passion but have little information on how to implement it and move it forward. With her, it’s different. She has a combination or all of that, information, passion and it’s easy to support her. It seems she has a road map on how to implement her idea in a practical sense and she is always concerned how to change society, how to bring an idea for the public benefit,” he said.

“While you interact with her, it’s easy to find out she is someone worthy of our support. She is certainly one to watch and she is someone who can go far,” he added.

A noted women’s rights activist, a celebrated young feminist and a co-founder of the Yellow Movement – Aklile Solomon is emerging as a noted human rights activist and 2012 is to be the year she will take her voice to the national arena.

“Feminism is a theory of equality between the  in all aspects. Today’s feminism is more inclusive and sees the layers of identity and oppression women face which I really appreciate,” she told The Reporter.

With a law degree from Addis Ababa University and a youthful activism started while still a student – The Yellow Movement – as its noted co-founder, the 26-year-old is to use it to help empower women and advocate for their rights and fight across Ethiopia.

A Mandela Washington Fellow, her efforts have been noted by others, who see her as a role model.

“I admire how articulate, passionate, hardworking and focused she is,” Kamlaknesh Yasin, the Digital Communication manager with Setaweet told The Reporter. “She is inspiring even without knowing it. She is strong, solution oriented, beautiful, and happy and all rounded and is a good person.”

Aklile is philosophical what today’s Ethiopian feminism is.

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