I was struggling with hyenas to see him


I was struggling with hyenas to see him. The phrase "love is blind" is a common expression that reflects the idea that when someone is in love, they may overlook or ignore the flaws or negative qualities of their partner. It suggests that love can sometimes cloud a person's judgment and perception, causing them to be blind to certain aspects of the relationship.


When people are deeply in love, they often develop strong emotional attachments to their partner. These intense emotions can sometimes lead them to overlook or minimize negative traits or behaviors. They may focus primarily on the positive aspects of the relationship and idealize their partner, blinding themselves to any flaws.


Love can create a bias towards seeing the best in someone. People may project their desires, hopes, and fantasies onto their partner, creating an idealized version of them. This idealization can prevent them from objectively evaluating the relationship and the true nature of their partner.


When people are deeply in love, they may have a fear of losing that love or the relationship. This fear can make them hesitant to acknowledge or address any red flags or problems that may arise. They may rationalize or ignore issues to maintain the relationship and the love they feel.

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