Former EBS journalist Tigist Asfaw opens a diamond store


Elbel diamond in Silver Spring Mall. Former EBS journalist Tigist Asfaw opens a diamond store. A Photographer and Industrial Designer who travels a lot. He noticed that the streets of Addis Ababa are changing quickly but they are not very creative or inspiring.


Buildings are getting bigger, but some companies are putting ads for beer and other things on walls and spaces. Public parks are getting bigger but there is no room for street art. The city of Addis Ababa is missing out on the positive impact of street art, according to a person.


In 2018, Solomon created Addis Street Art (ASA) to make something new. This is a group of artists who focus on creating art on the streets, walls, and buildings. They may make graffiti, murals, or other types of art. Street art means paintings that are done outside on buildings, columns, and other parts of the city.


ASA makes paintings for businesses and the government to tell the public things. They get hired by the owners of those places. I do street art for free sometimes if I like the idea and the place. Solomon says it is useful for our collection. 


The group has done some street art projects and worked with the Goethe Institute, the Italian Institute of Culture, and the Alliance Ethio-Française. When figuring out how much something costs, we think about things like the colors used, the style we want, the tools we need, and how much time it will take to finish.

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