Ethiopian Artists on actress Nuhamin's birthday


Ethiopian Artists on actress Nuhamin's birthday. Food component prices with a special focus on teff, maize, and sorghum have shown massive price increase in comparison to last year. This comes in a critical time as the country continues to struggle with the effect of the locust swarms, the pandemic and flooding. 



The bombarding effect of heavy rainfall has led to floods which has destroyed crops as well as livestock whereas the swarm of locusts has destroyed pasture and crops. On similar lines the pandemic outbreak has reduced the population’s income and has restricted movement.



On a slight shed of light, the food components have shown progressive decrease from July through September 2020 (that is from 24.9 to 22.0 to currently 21.2 percent). This is also comparatively lower than 2019 September figures of 23.3 percent. In 2019, the rise in price of red pepper had significantly contributed to the inflation both then and now. However, the report also reads that some food items including fruits and pulse have shown decrease which has resulted in current decrease in this section of inflation.

The other contributor to inflation, that is, the non-food items, has shown a considerable increase in comparison to September of 2019. The percentage of inflation is up from 13.1 to 15.5.



“The rise in the price of nonfood products including the soaring price of alcohol and tobacco, khat, housing repair and maintenance, energy.

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