Dr Liya's response about the women who escaped from airport


President Sahelework view | Minister of health Dr Liya Tadesse's response about the women who escaped from airport  

This will enable countries to focus on prevention as much as possible and start building curative facilities. Support should be provided to WHO and CDC Africa with funds channeled through the Global Fund, GAVI and others.


G20 leaders should support public health campaigns and access to information, including through an expedited private sector partnership for internet connectivity to enable economic activity to continue during social distancing measures and to support the effective sharing of information about the pandemic.


G20 leaders should announce USD 100 billion (in addition to the USD 50bn already committed) to fund the immediate health response, social safety nets for the most vulnerable, feeding for out of school children, and to protect jobs. 


As a proportion of GDP this is consistent with measures taken in other regions. To ensure immediate fiscal space and liquidity, this package should include a waiver of all interest payments, estimated at USD 44 billion for 2020.

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