General Samora Yenus break his silence


Alemneh Wase BeZehabesha - General Samora Yenus break his silence 

Being one of the three states, Sudan is definitely concerned to reach an agreement between the three parties on this issue. According to the UN charter of water use principles and along the lines of the agreement on the declaration of principles, there should first be a fair and equitable use of the water.


Another point is that no damage should be done to any of the three states. A third point is that there should be an exchange of information between the three parties. Fourthly a peaceful solution must be found for the differences. These are (only) some benefits of the dam, but some concerns revolve around the necessary completion of all environmental studies to secure the Dam safety. This was Sudan’s attitude.


These principles are enshrined either in the international law or in the declaration of principles agreement signed between the three states in March, 2015. According to this, Sudan deems it necessary to resume these negotiations.


So, Sudan actually undertook the initiative of the necessary resumption of the point of where they had once stopped to avoid starting them from the beginning. So, the (Sudanese) prime Minister contacted his Egyptian and Ethiopian counterparts. Actually, the initiative was welcomed by the two sides.

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