What happened to artist Desalegn


What happened to artist Desalegn? Similar to programs or activities in the pre-election, the post-election phase is where the winner is known. When the public cast the ballot, they cast it with various expectations, and we do our due diligence to see that this expectation is not forgotten by the elected government.


Currently one of the major needs of the public is peace and security. Thus we expect that the new government has a way forwards to attain this. We play the role of a catalyst in this scenario by providing platforms for engagement in a way to better identify the best options for addressing the issue.


Moreover, through various discussion platforms, we engaged involved governing parties on the expectations and needs of the public and we further strengthen this through dialogues just as the one we have held last Saturday under the theme ‘Peace and security national dialogue.’ We make efforts to contact and involve government officials in the discussions. Moreover, we release our discussion points to the communications platforms to various media outlets which provide extensive reach.

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