Ethiopian wedding, which was highlighted by popular artist Jossy


The Ethiopian wedding, which was highlighted by popular artist Jossy

Days are gone to blame bunches of Ethiopian Literature as for not being exposed to the outside world. Once, the organizers and publishers of CAALLALLOU led by Elizabeth Weldegiorgis and Dagmawi Woubshent also constantly laments the local literature are not yet visible for the non-Amharic international audience. 


Against this backdrop, they engage in translating and writing commentary on local novels into English and French. Interestingly, The HOHE Awards also bought a similar cause of Callaloo journal and sparked a webinar called ‘HOHE Chapter’. 


Obviously, from the nomenclature itself, one can make automatically sense as the proposed event is all about reading. Precisely, chapters of a book connote components of a book in which a reader will face it when someone leap the first pages of any book. 


On Sept 6, 2020 HOHE Chapter held successful converstion via webinar showcasing Maaza Mengiste through the moderation of Hallelujah Lulie (the outgone director, Institute of Strategic Affairs). Amid the interview, surprisingly, Maaza disclosed in the interview that the late Ethiopian Author Dagachew Worku’s novel dubbed as “the thirteenth sun” was her first encounter with Ethiopian literature for which she was inspired in her literary engagement.

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