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Ethiopian famous Comedian and media personality Eshetu Melese lifestyle on maraki weg. For the first time, they announced the name of their child in a charming tradition! Comedian Eshetu's lifestyle has not been seen.


Eshetu Melese is a popular funny person and television presenter from Ethiopia who has become famous in the entertainment business there. He is most popular for his funny stage performances and his online shows on YouTube.


Eshetu's comedy always makes people laugh a lot. The people listening to him find everything he says funny. Eshetu easily tells jokes that are so funny they make people laugh a lot. Because of his great performance, the talented comedian took the replaced of the well-known comedians Dereje and Habte. In addition to being funny, Eshetu's jokes teach us things and address political topics.


He makes people more aware by mixing different social and political issues in his jokes. Unlike many other people who make jokes, Eshetu never makes fun of people based on their race or gender. Instead, he makes fun of different ethnic conflicts and political leaders who promote nationalism in his jokes.


Eshetu Melesse started working as a radio show host in a well-known radio drama called Yegna, which is a program paid for by the UK and other supporters. Later on, he started doing stand-up comedy shows that lasted for 1 hour. In his funny comedy show, he told jokes about politics that made young people laugh and learn.


He made people laugh with his comedy at universities all over the country. In his comedy, he talked about political activism and problems between different ethnic groups in the country.


Comedians spend a significant amount of time writing and refining their material. They brainstorm ideas, observe the world around them, and draw inspiration from their own experiences to create jokes and humorous anecdotes. This process requires creativity, wit, and a keen sense of observation.


Performing on Stage: Comedians regularly perform in front of live audiences, whether it's at comedy clubs, theaters, or other venues. They work on their delivery, timing, and stage presence to engage the audience and generate laughter. Performing live can be exhilarating, but it also comes with the pressure to entertain and connect with the audience.


Touring and Travel: Many comedians travel extensively, especially if they gain popularity and start touring nationally or even internationally. Traveling to different cities and venues allows comedians to reach new audiences, experience different cultures, and expand their fan base. However, frequent travel can also be physically and mentally demanding.


Late Nights and Irregular Schedule: Comedy shows often take place in the evenings or late at night, which means that comedians may have an irregular work schedule. Late-night performances, combined with the need to travel, can disrupt sleep patterns and require adjusting to different time zones.

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