Dc Live Tube with Meskerem guest Kebebew Geda


Ethiopia: Dc Live Tube with Meskerem guest Kebebew Geda

Lately Ethiopia’s political landscape has been roiled by troubling developments, exacerbating the already tense atmosphere. Politicians and activists of all stripes are engaged in shouting matches that drown out rational dialogues; the distrust between them is running deeper, engendering extreme polarization; resorting to violence to achieve a political goal is the new normal; the truth is becoming a casualty of the contradictory information disclosed by the public as well as the intentional lies spread by elements masquerading as its defenders; integrity is being sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. There is one and only one reason behind all this—a blind lust for power that is driving the act of putting the interest of a select few individuals or groups above the nation’s and its people. The unfolding of these developments has reshaped the political scene to such an extent that allies which set out together to bring about the change underway in Ethiopia are presentlyon opposite sides of the fence. Though this rift was gradual, it now threatens to squander the opportunities before the country and push it over the edge. This is what happens when the virtue of standing for a principle goes out of the window. Ethiopians need to reject political opportunism in no uncertain terms and fight it resolutely.

The primary obligation of any government is to protect the safety and security of citizens. Failure to carry out this duty consistent with the appropriate moral and constitutional principles is bound to get it on the bad side of the public. Prior to taking someone into custody on suspicion of participating in a crime it’s of the essence to determine that there is a compelling reason for his arrest. Given that not everyone arrested will be convicted of a crime, their due process rights, including the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, must be upheld while they are detained and undergoing trial. Any violation of such rights is simply unacceptable and liable to rob the government of its credibility. Who can forget the untold suffering citizens were subjected to due to the widespread infringement of these liberties? Therefore, it’s incumbent on all compatriots who genuinely have the national interest at heart to urge the government and other stakeholders to rectify mistakes and clear up doubts within the shortest possible time and to do everything in full compliance with the law. Needless to say this should be done out in the open instead of gossiping about it. Otherwise, they would be guilty of opportunism.


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