There was a time when I was on the brink of death - Artist Solomon Muhe


Part two Interview with actor Solomon Muhe on the Seifu Show with Seifu Fanthun. There was a time when I was on the brink of death - Artist Solomon Muhe. As soon as customers step through the doors, they are greeted by a team of warm and inviting staff, who strive to create an unforgettable experience for every visitor. “With an inviting ambiance, impeccable service, and a deep reverence for Ethiopian heritage, we embody the essence of beauty and the transformative power of innovation,” Filimon said.


A true embodiment of the art of coffee roasting, Fili Coffee fills the air with the intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted beans. This sensory delight also plays a role in captivating the hearts and souls of every guest as they bear witness to a masterfully roasted coffee right before their eyes. Filimon says Fili Coffee not only operates as a thriving coffee house but also offers an esteemed roasting service. 


The company roasts and packages coffee for over 106 coffee houses and restaurants. Operating for eight hours on average, the roasting and grinding machines consistently produce 700-840 kg of perfectly roasted and ground coffee. Fili Coffee effortlessly transports visitors to a realm where the air is steeped in the captivating aroma of coffee, according to customers The Reporter talked, adding, “the rich spirit of Ethiopian traditions thrives within the establishment.”


Ethiopia is one of the world’s largest coffee producers, with a remarkable contribution from over four million diligent small-scale farmers. This coffee-rich nation not only excels in terms of quantity but also showcases its deep passion for the beverage through significant domestic consumption. Ethiopians themselves consume half of the coffee produced, solidifying the country’s position as a leader in coffee consumption within the continent.

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