If he doesn`t love you, he does these


I am Wintana Yilma I will help you grow your knowledge about yourself and others so you can have an easy life and a healthy relationship. The first sign is simple: You think he doesn’t love you anymore. The very thought that he’s fallen out of love with you could simply be low self-esteem, right? Check-in with yourself.  Do you feel like anxious attachment or low self-esteem is at work, or is your gut telling you that something significant has changed?


One of the main signs he doesn’t love you as he used to is he doesn’t prioritize spending quality time with you. He used to make time to see you. Even if you weren’t the center of his world, you were definitely one of his favorite humans.


Now, he doesn’t prioritize time with you. It’s an afterthought, or he might even be actively avoiding you. He’s less concerned about seeing you, but you’ve noticed he still has free time to do anything else he wants to do. He used to tell you everything, but he’s been withdrawing lately. It’s not just from emotional vulnerability either. 


He’s stopped being as free with affection. He seems like he’s keeping secrets or at least no longer sharing his feelings with you. In fact, it can be hard to get him to open up at all. It’s also important to acknowledge that sometimes he may withdraw due to personal issues that he’s unable to communicate.

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