Discussion On Current Amhara Region Stuation


History tells us that Ethiopia has always maintained its sovereignty and unity thanks to the bravery and sacrifices of its sons and daughters. Needless to say, it also gave birth to traitors who collaborated with its enemies. Sadly, nowadays there abound fifth columnists bent on peddling distorted historical narratives with intent to unravel the tie that binds Ethiopians together by sowing instability. Blinded by greed these snakes in the grass perpetrate such sacrileges as fomenting violence as well as trafficking in arms and counterfeit products at the behest of foreign adversaries and their collaborators. If the likes of the young Afar policeman, who foil the evil motives of treacherous forces owing to an undying love for their country, do not step up to the plate Ethiopia and its people would not live in peace and harmony. This makes it all the more vital to bolster the rank of citizens who stand guard day and night for the nation.

Presently, the worst scourge blighting Ethiopia is the proliferation of a narrative squarely aimed at undermining Ethiopianness. Each and every Ethiopian owes the obligation exert the utmost effort to building a strong, stable, democratic and multicultural nation. The only way the development of Ethiopia can be accelerated is to forge a broad consensus around the notion that Ethiopia belongs to all of us. This can be achieved through the adoption of a shared vision and purpose. As Ethiopia undertakes infrastructure development, harnesses its mineral resources, modernizes its agriculture, expands its industrial base, exploits its tourism potential, makes advances in science and technology and generally strives to effect a transformative change on all fronts it ought to do so in a participatory and inclusive manner. If these endeavors are to bear fruit it’s imperative to put a stop to such destructive acts as inflaming sectarian violence and economic sabotage.

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