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10 Signs That You've Found Your Life Partner


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10 Signs That You've Found Your Life Partner

When I was a little girl, I used to think that finding your “better half” was when you had found yourself the Prince Charming like the ones portrayed in every Princess’ Disney movie -- But as I’ve grown older and as I’ve learned to appreciate the inner beauty of the people in my life, it's clear that it takes more than just a couple of things in common with a special person before considering him or her, your ideal partner. Though a lot of times, these things require to be looked at differently and could appear far beyond obvious.

Whether he gives you the butterfly feeling every time the two of you are together, or whether it takes a morning text for you to realize how happy you are with her, whenever you're ready, you'll be able to tell if he is the one for you.

So here is a list of some of the things to look at when looking for your own Prince Charming….

1. Every day feels like a new adventure

There’s absolutely no boring day! As a matter of a fact, even a walk to the grocery store, a short car ride to the ice cream shop or a walk in the park can turn into an adventure- better yet, another cherished memory.

2. Comfortability is never a problem

Regardless of who you are with, comfortability should never be a problem - you should be able to be your own type of person around them. You should never feel the need to change in order to satisfy someone else’s needs, because not only will you be losing the uniqueness of your relationship but yourself along the way. That specialperson needs to be someone who brings out the best of you.

3. Trustworthiness

He or she technically become the Christina Yang to Meridith Grey ("Grey’s Anatomy" lover reference), and you see them as your own “person.”

While in a committed relationship, you will both grow alongside each other, noting when one fails or rises, creating a relationship of trustworthiness where there is no judgement in between and absolutely no boundaries.

4. Similar Life Goals

This should be a must. Because I mean, would you like to spend the rest of your life with someone with whom you know you’ll bump heads with way too often and never seem to create a common ultimate goal together?

5. He makes you feel better

If that special person understand your mood swings, then you have already started in the right direction because there will be no judging. Regardless as to whether you’re PMSing or simply just having a pretty awful day, he/she knows just what to do knowing how to bring your smile back on. Perhaps a pie of pizza or wine maybe?

6. Respects your personal life goals

Because your happiness is his/her happiness it won’t be a challenge to respect your dreams which can lead to mutual growth. He/she will find it in themselves, to inspire and encourage you to be a better person for yourself.

7. No fight is ever a real fight

Having found your special person means that there is a mutual understanding of how serious things are moving within the relationship - that being said, when that's the case, no fight will ever be too serious and before escalating to a more serious level, you both will have had resolved the “issue.”

8. He/she loves your family and vise versa

Loving without boundaries is everyone’s desire and having the support of not only your friends but also your family, will bring major benefits to your relationship. If the happiness in both of you is obvious, there will be no need to hide each other and this will result in the most beautiful thing when showing off your partner.

9. You feel safe around them

Around that special person, you'll find yourself feeling protected and as the feelings begin to unfold, you'll fell as if nothing bad can ever go wrong. It is with a hug or just with a simple kiss, you will find yourself feeling like you belong and that you've found your inner home, where protection is always there.

10. You know you wouldn’t trade them for the world

If you’re certain that he/she makes you happy knowing that you would not trading that for anything in the world, than you might have found just what your life needed.

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