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Globally, well over hundred countries have policy banks aimed to expedite their policy objectives. Though, financing long-term development projects is the dominant characteristics of policy banks they are not profit maximizing ventures. 


Despite various similarities, policy banks differ in terms of their funding mechanism, ownership structure, lending models, etc. Some countries have more than one policy banks each specializing in different development targets: South Korea has 5, china 3, Brazil 2, Germany 6, Ethiopia 1, etc. Policy banks have different ownership structures. 


Many of these are owned by federal governments while some are owned by regional states and still others by the private sector or a mixture of these. Based on their specialization, policy banks have different names: development bank, investment finance.


Industrial development bank, agricultural development bank, SME development bank, export development bank, EX-IM bank, etc. The Ethiopian policy bank was given different names in different times: Agricultural Bank of Ethiopia (1945-1949), Agricultural and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

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