Daily Ethiopian news on May 10, 2023


Ethiopia News - Daily Ethiopian news on May 10, 2023. The Dioses told Addis Maleda that preparation was underway to receive the “patriarch” who was assigned to serve in Jimma without the acknowledgment of the legal dioses. According to a report released on Thursday, certain bodies that call themselves Synod of Oromia and Nations Nationalities have held an unauthorized meeting and made themselves ready to welcome the illegally appointed “patriarch” for the second time without the acknowledgment of Jimma Dioses.


The Jimme Dioses disclosed that the meeting convened on behalf of the Orthodox laity as well as clergies and the appointment of the “patriarch” were not processed under due process of law. The Dioses told Addis Maleda that it has received the information concerning the illegal appointment of Abba Minas and the preparations to receive him as a new patriarch of Jimma.


This illegal act was done by violating the 10-point agreements the two sides consented to abide by in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. This illegal move of the illegitimate synod has left aside the decision made after the recommendation of the President of Oromia Region, Shimelis Abdissa who urged the illegitimate clergies and religious fathers to return to the church and act as per the rules and regulations, Addis Maleda said.


Previously Abba Tekle-Hawariat (formerly named Abba Kidane-Mariam Tollossa) was illegally assigned to Jimma Dioses. Now for the second time, Abba Minas was given the position in an illegal procedure. The illegitimate Synod of Oromia and Nations Nationality, which was denounced as an illegal structure by the Holy Synod of EOTC, has given all these unlawful appointments, according to Addis Maleda.

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