God gave him 9 months longer than the doctors said he would die


God gave him 9 months longer than the doctors said he would die. Elsabet Samuel (PhD) is a distinguished expert in media development and human rights, currently serving as an independent consultant and researcher. Her expertise encompasses a broad range of subjects, such as freedom of expression, social movements, digital rights, and media development.


After successfully completing her PhD at Addis Ababa University’s Center for Human Rights, Elsabet is currently immersed in writing a thought-provoking book that explores the intricate relationship between freedom of expression on the internet and its impact on social movements in Ethiopia. 


The book focuses on the ongoing political protests and social movements in the country, meticulously analyzing their role in driving political and legal transformations.


Elizabeth firmly emphasizes the importance of establishing a conducive political environment to ensure Ethiopia’s political stability and the empowerment of its citizens to exercise their rights, including holding individuals accountable for the betterment of the nation and the well-being of the public.


In an interview with Abraham Tekle of The Reporter, Elsabet delved into a range of pressing issues, covering the significance of human rights, instances, the crucial role of freedom of expression and the media, Transitional Justice initiatives, and the importance of political and social accountability in Ethiopia. 


Determining which human rights are breached more frequently than others is a challenging task due to the interconnected nature of most human rights. When implementing human rights, it is important to consider them as a unified whole. 


However, given the current context of our country, we find ourselves in a transitional period, both politically and economically. This transition often presents obstacles that hinder or compromise the rights of individuals or groups.

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