Ethiopia New Smart City is going to be built


Daily Ethiopian news update 16 October 2020 Ethiopia New Smart City is going to be built. YA Coffee Roasters is established with the commitment for a sustainable business model that addresses economic, social and environmental concerns. It prioritizes smallholder farmers, the business (i.e. employees and partners), and consumers to deliver on its commitment for sustainable development.



The vision for YA Coffee is long-term and desires to establish a higher education institute for human resource development by 2035. However, a profitable, scalable, and sustainable business is critical. Accordingly, YA Coffee is a pioneer in setting up a specialty coffee roasting company with a direct supply chain agreement with smallholder coffee farmers or their cooperatives. 



The supply chain agreements directly improve the income and profitability of smallholder farmers and guarantee a higher return for their coffee. However, this is not sufficient to transform the lives of smallholder farmers. Accordingly, YA Coffee is planning to establish Coffee Processing Centers (CPCs) to engage smallholder farmers through extension services, coffee quality training, and market linkage. 



Market linkage is important to ensure new markets for our smallholder farmer partners. In addition, income diversification and biodiversity conservation are two areas of focus. It will use the CPCs to train and promote on intercropping including beekeeping. The CPCs will also create employment opportunities for both professionals and young people from rural communities to improve livelihood and help minimize domestic migration.

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