What Is Ethiopia's rank on Internet Freedom?


Locals and expats were buzzing during the concert. Everyone was dancing and going wild over the performances. The DJs and the charismatic host made time go fast as the main performers started later than expected. Audiences loved the performance as can be said by Alemayehu.

Alemayehu Seifeselassie, a former music columnist and a music lover, said that the concert was lively. He is also a huge fan of Afro pop. He told The Reporter that he really enjoyed the concert and that, “It was nice to see a woman perform Afro beats as there are not many that perform songs that are danceable too and Yemi Alade is an exception on this.” Alemayehu also complimented the event planners for having an outdoor concert as it was not congested and stuffy; however, the ticketing system could have been better if it was not purchased only by phone and there was another alternative to provide a printed ticket.

The first to perform was Asge, He controlled the crowd like no other. He started with a brief speech. As it is hard to ignore politics from one’s life nowadays, Asgegnew Dendasho, a.k.a. Asge, made a statement at the beginning of his performance. “For me, a country means people… I am a person; I am a young person and I am an Ethiopian”. He controlled the stage with his charismatic behavior. Making everyone dance and not forgetting instrument players at the back. He also introduced his music composer to the audience.

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