Teddy Afro's amazing concert in Dallas 2023


Teddy Afro's amazing concert in Dallas 2023. Fueled by a mutual love of circus performers’ acrobatics and illusions, the duo from Jimma, Ethiopia set sight on becoming performers themselves. With no circus schools nearby, opportunities seemed scarce, but their passion drove them to practice wherever they could – street corners, at festivals – honing their skills and building determination.


At ages 13 and 14, these future circus stars first began juggling, discovering their calling which also helped hone other shared talents. Over the years, the emerging circus scene in Ethiopia has expanded with new troupes and circus training centers sprouting up.


Overcoming early obstacles, especially the limited exposure to exhibit their artistry beyond Ethiopia’s borders for wider renown, they persisted. One of the biggest obstacles was the lack of opportunities, they claimed. “You don’t get many chances, especially outside the country that would give you better prospects for recognition,” they said.


They hand-made and crafted juggling props and used materials they could find, according to Bichu. Bichu explained, “I remember, after moving to England to start performing, we finally had access to professional materials, we realized how much easier it made the act itself.”

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