Frash Adash by Tesfahun Kebede part 30


Frash Adash by Tesfahun Kebede part 30.  The center has set out to be a hub for Art and culture by bringing communities together with the love and appreciation of crafts. Setting up a studio within Atmosphere to curate house music from their existing artists as well as up and coming artists is The Fabrica, which broadcast Podcasts for their new platforms and creates music from other genre and established artists as well.

“We opened this place because we knew about the challenges of organizing events and finding venues. We wanted to create a space that would serve as a mecca of creativity, a place where people could come and enjoy themselves with boundless choices,” said Eyasu.

“We designed the place with audiences in mind, we decided what goes where and what serves what purpose and here we are. It's been 17 days since we launched and it has been good so far,” added Eyasu.

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