Veteran artist Hirut Bekele passed away


Former veteran artist Hirut Gentle passed away. Hirut Bekele was one of the few female artists produced in Ethiopia from the beginning of the 50s to the end of the 80s. It is clear that Hirut's transcendental music is still very popular with the public and is an inspiration and test of potential for many young female artists. 


Hirut Bekele died on Monday, September 28, 1935 according to the Ethiopian calendar. She was born to her mother, Mrs. Tananyework Mekonon and to her father, Captain Bekele Knefe in Addis Ababa city. When she was old enough to go to school , she attended Kebena Mission School  and attended primary school.


When Hirut was in school, she used to grumble to her classmates and neighborhood children. Her fans, who saw her talent, often encouraged and pushed her to enter the world of music. Accordingly, according to the Ethiopian calendar, in 1951 AD. Together with her best friend, she went to the Army Music Department  and was able to get hired as a vocalist.


Not long after, she got great appreciation and acceptance from the people with the song "Yehar Shererit" which she played for the first time. It was then that the orchestra section of the police force caught sight of her. He was divorced in 1952. Without the permission of the Army Music Department, the Police Army Orchestra kidnapped Hirut and took her to a police training camp called Kolfe Fasto Darash. After a month of tireless efforts, the Army Band was forced to call off the search.


Hirut served in the music and theater department of the police force for 35 years. In these 35 years, she has played more than 200 songs and brought them to the public's ears, of which more than 38 songs were printed on clay. In terms of cassettes, she has given 14 cassettes containing 10 songs each to her music lovers.


During her many years in the music world, Hirut presented her work to the public together with many famous singers, including: Mahmud Ahmed : Alemayheu Eshete : ​​Tewodros Tadese: Melkamu Tebeje: Tadele Bekele: Mesfen Haile: Kasahun Germamona and others. .

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