The unexpected action of the individual


The person who defrauded the money collected for kidney dialysis in EBS is being searched for. Thomas has published his manual on dance fitness. The manual is scientifically developed based on calorie burn from certain dance moves.


“Ethio Dance Fitness has its doctors and consultants. Our clients only participate in the dance fitness specifically recommended for them. We do not conduct large group training,” Tomas explained.


The manual diagnoses body fat levels and prescribes the right dance fitness routine and timeframe for burning it. “Not all dance is sport—sport requires science. We invented dance fitness based on tested methodologies,” Thomas says.


Thomas’ success has gym owners taking notice. “I’m proud to see gyms shifting to dance fitness. When I started, no one thought it would succeed. But they’re now copying me, which is good if they also develop original programs,” he added.


Despite growing demand for recreational sports and expanding dance fitness centers, the industry faces bottlenecks. Due to an absence of regulatory laws, some dance fitness centers in Addis Ababa could not obtain licenses.


“The government has no dance fitness legislation, so many centers operate arbitrarily,” says Efrem. “This also hinders preparation of standards and regulations.” The Addis Ababa Tourism Bureau is drafting a directive allowing dance fitness center licensing and issuing Certificates of Competency.


Efrem hopes to open a dance Fitness College once the new legislation and standards take effect.

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