Interview with pilot and architect Ephrem


Interview with pilot and architect Ephrem Hagos. I saw a hand through the window while flying at 43,000 feet at night. There may not be many large corporate and institutional investors, but we can still gather a lot of money from each one. We are prioritizing institutional investors because their workers require housing. 


The large companies in Ethiopia have many workers who require homes to live in. By putting money into Selam Bank, these organizations can fulfill their objective of helping their staff become homeowners and therefore keep talented employees.


The first thing refers to the deposits that come from people who save their money. Selam Bank will open branch offices in every regional capital to get a lot of money, even though its main office will be in Addis Ababa. 


But commercial banks can't use short-term customer deposits as the main source of funding for longer-term mortgage lending programs. Therefore, Selam Bank plans to get money from different places like selling bonds and shares to offer affordable mortgages and help millions of people become homeowners.


We will have a lot of money that people have deposited with us, and they will keep it in our bank for a long time. Selam Bank also wants to use the long-term bond market in Ethiopia. The second-hand bond market is already working in Ethiopia.

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