Sisters reunited after 40 years


Sisters reunited after 40 years. Esayas Entertainment is a popular advertising agency in Addis Ababa that has been in business for more than 20 years. It was started by a determined entrepreneur named Esayas. Esayas started from a humble beginning but has now become very influential in the industry. He has faced and conquered many difficulties to create a powerful and successful business in different sectors.


Esayas grew up in Addis Ababa, specifically in the Urael area. His early years in this place had a big impact on him. He went to Emperor Tewodros School until 6th grade and learned a lot. Esayas lived in a city with a lot of exciting culture and art. This made him appreciate things that looked nice and enjoy being creative.


Esayas moved up to 7th and 8th grade at Tinsaye School and finished high school at Misrak General School. Throughout this time, he continued to learn more about advertising. He actively looked for activities to learn painting, drawing, and design. Then he discovered what he was meant to do: combining his artistic skills with his business skills to create a prosperous agency.


Esayas started working in the industry twenty years ago with his art and a strong desire to create his path and achieve success while making a positive impact on business. He made pictures similar to the ones he saw in ads when he was a student and used them for promotion. Esayas started a career in competitive advertising with a lot of creativity, determination, and passion.


But when Esayas first talked to people he knew, trying to sell newspapers and ask for rides, they found it hard to believe that he was an advertising professional. Esayas was sad when people initially didn't believe in him and didn't think he was good at what he did. He wanted to prove himself and make society understand that he was talented. Not caring what others thought, he started a difficult journey to become known as a reliable expert.

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