Journalist Mesele performing Neway's music


Seifu on EBS - Journalist Mesele Gebrehiwot performing Neway's music on Seifu show. Even though the unsustainability and undesirability of the current global economic regime are very clear to the sheeple, politicos of nation-states are refusing to look at options, which might possibly pacify the excessive greed that is causing untold destruction, both in the world of humans and the nature.

The political tumult we are witnessing in the West is a manifestation of creeping insurrection that will probably engulf all of us, sooner than later. We believe the best option for incumbent states is to boldly and honestly address existing and impending problems in collaboration with their respective sheeple! ‘Kicking the can down’ might not do the trick anymore. 

To this end, the commanding heights of a country’s economy must be under the common will of the sheeple and not with the ever-conniving stealing oligarchs. In this context, all financial institutions must be more than regulated, as their business.

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