The famous tiktokers unveiled the truth part 2


The case made Yaya Ze Lideta and his friends emotional. Interview with the famous Ethiopian tiktokers in part two. The life of the Ethiopian Church was further strengthened by the coming of the Nine Saints, who came from the Byzantine Empire (479 A.D.). They translated various sacred texts from Greek and Syriac into Ge`ez, spread the Gospel, and introduced monastic life. 


The Ethiopian Church entered a new era during the 6th century, which was marked by the rise of St. Yared, the founder of the Ethiopic Hymnody. The time between the 4th and the 7th century A.D. was a time when remarkable religious activities were undertaken. 


Ethiopia is considered the center of Christianity in the Horn of Africa, which preserved its Christian heritage and history and became the symbol of independence throughout centuries.


Monasticism began to flourish in Ethiopia after Christianity became the official religion of the country. The Ethiopic monastic tradition was introduced from the order of St. Anthony in Egypt upon the arrival of the Nine Saints in A.D 480. 


Thus, Ethiopian ecclesiastical history regards the 4th-6th centuries as the Golden Age. This period was characterized by great evangelical and literary activities. Just as the monasteries in Europe helped preserve the Western cultural tradition during the Middle Ages, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and its monasteries became the center for the development of Ethiopian art, hymnody, literature, and architecture. 


In the sixth century, St. Yared, the renowned scholar founded the scripture-based liturgical hymnody of the Ethiopian Church.  St. Yared’s songs, which constitute the prayer songs and chants of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church to the present day, are one of the most thrillingly melodious prayer songs of the Christian world.

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