Vetran artist Getachew Kassa passed away


Veteran artist Getachew Kassa passed away. It was heard that the veteran singer, Getachew Kassa, was hospitalized on February 12 and passed away overnight.


The veteran poet and author; Gashe Abera Lemma (who contributed to the eternal poetry) said this: "Yes, it's a poem I wrote in 1969, when Somalia was marching to invade our country. I first published it in the New Era newspaper. The singer, Mr. Kasa, who saw it, asked for my permission to sing it. I came and gave it to him to suit the tune. He sang it beautifully...."


Achare says what happened four weeks ago. "When he was performing his music, the owner of Gize Bar & Restaurant, Michael Grema (Mickey), called me. We went to his apartment (condominium) in the Kazanchis area.


After we went to the house and saw what was there, Hallelujah General Hospital gave us quick human cooperation. An ambulance with a doctor and a nurse assigned us to the EMERGENCY. We spent the day together. Mickey and I left the hospital with a paid escort.


As soon as we reached home, the voice master Kasa said, "I will not take the treatment!" He said that he was disturbed and left the emergency room after removing the medical cords fitted by the hospital to perform the treatment. we went back to the hospital.


If we ask him; He said, "If we plead with him, I will not treat him." He went home. While we are in this situation, after almost a month, since the last three days, when we send food to his house, he is unable to open the door and receive it.


When the situation repeated itself for three days in a row, we went to his house. At that time, the speaker could not answer the phone or open the door except for banging on the wall. As it is not possible to break down a person's door on an individual basis, we spent that day and the next day the police took us away. When we broke down the door, we found him lying on his back in the middle of the house. We confirmed that he was alive. However, he was tired beyond not being able to stand. He tasted food. If he does not receive immediate treatment, his life is in danger. The community also called to help us as much as possible.

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