What happened to artist Yonas Getachew


Tadias Addis  -Interview with artist Yonas Getachew. Cinema is a language that crosses borders and cultures. It’s an art form that is appealing to the masses and a powerful tool to shape a society if wisely used. In Ethiopia, we are blessed with untold stories, undiscovered locations, rich culture, and a very curious audience that loves movies in its own language. Though the local film industry is thriving to create a cinema culture, still, there is a lot to be done. Film schools and cinemas that show a variety of films are missing. 

In addition, there is almost no celebration of cinema in Addis Ababa unlike in other cities abroad. Through this Suk, we want to create such a celebration of movies while introducing art house/world cinema for the curious visitors. The program consists of three aspects: filmmaking, casting, and movies. Visitors are able to direct, shoot and act on a super short film that can be made around the Suk.

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