Nafkot introduced her child


Journalist Nafkot introduced her newborn child. Startups often face the difficulty of gaining attention, and I have spoken about this issue before. If you are just starting, you might not have enough money to promote your product on TV, radio, or newspapers. 


So, you can visit people's houses and talk about your business. We call this guerrilla marketing. If you start a restaurant in the neighborhood, you can walk around that area and give out your menu to people. So, this is what I recommend startups do because it is very important for businesses to get attention when they start.


If you find something that interests you, you can simply give them your phone number and ask them to connect you to the investor in Nigeria. Then you can work together on a project. Now, everything is simple. I check my social media to see if anything is interesting. 


Afterward, I would simply send them a private message expressing my interest to learn more about them. I receive about five to six emails per day from businesses in other African countries who are interested in learning more about my business in Ethiopia. Social media is the best way to form partnerships.


I wouldn't be here if it weren't for something else. If you can collaborate with other Africans, Ethiopia is like seeing a movie once more: what we are going to experience, other African countries have already experienced it.

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