Eyayu Fenges Very Funny Comedy on addis ababa


Ethiopia: Eyayu Fenges Very Funny Comedy on addis ababa | Watch And Enjoy 

Even though the Chinese economy is the second largest in the world next to the US with a GDP of more than USD 14 trillion, experts believe that it will surpass the US economy in the near future.

According to a recent research by Standard Chartered Bank, China is likely to become the world's biggest economy at some point in 2020, when measured by a combination of purchasing-power-parity exchange rates and nominal gross domestic product. But the recent trade war between China and US will impact both Chinese and US economy.

Hence, it will be tough for the Chinese to surpass the US economy in 2020. But the Chinese are more determined to become the strongest world empire by surpassing the US economy in the years to come as nothing is impossible in their thinking pattern.

Selected to officiate continental tournaments, Ethiopian referees had a successful year. Beamlak Temesgen, Lidia Tafesse and Temesgin Samuel were the chosen three, as they made their way to their respective venues to officiate matches.

During the 2019 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament in Egypt, referee Beamlak was given the opportunity to officiate four matches, while Temsgin was listed as an assistant referee. Lidia Tafesse was also able to take positive strides, as she was selected to officiate in the 2019 Women World Cup held in France.

Furthermore, Beamlak has managed to successfully officiate the AFCON semi-final game between Tunisia and Senegal. It can be recalled that he has also featured in the 2018 Russia World Cup as an assistant. Temesgin was also the fourth official in the AFCON tournament.

Meanwhile, Lidia was in charge of the match between Scotland and Japan in the 2019 Women World Cup.

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