The unseen life of Ethiopian famous artist Zeleke Gesese


Ethiopian famous artist Zeleke Gesese's lifestyle and home. The unseen life of Ethiopian famous artist Zeleke Gesese. As Ethiopia experienced political turmoil and the country Engaged in civil war Zeleke traveled as a refugee in the early 80s with his brother and friends to the United States to pursue his music and college education.


Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers formed one of the most successful music partnerships in the US. The father of the Marley siblings, Bob Marley, had a deep connection to Ethiopia and Africa. Zeleke and his band Dallol were signed to Bob Marley's Tuff Gong Records. They released a few singles in Jamaica and the album "Land of the Genesis," which was distributed worldwide. The album was produced by Mrs. Rita Marley and the Dallol band.


The band joined the melody makers and produced two global hit albums, Conscious Party, and One Bright Day, touring the world many times winning two Grammy awards, and selling millions for both albums. Beginning with Dallol’s Land of the Genesis and the albums Conscious Party and One Bright Day produced with Ziggy Marley, Zeleke has seen the world connect to a blend of African and Ethiopian rhythm with Jamaican reggae.


Introducing a global world beat sound that has enormous universal appeal. Zeleke’s music unites Marley’s vision of one Love and his vision of universal peace flows with many languages, in each song combining Amharic and other native tongues of Ethiopia, with English and Jamaican patois, Zeleke’s sound is as unique as his music and his background Zeleke has continued to forge ahead with his unique sound and message to the world. 


In addition to The Wild Hare into the respected venue, it is today, Zeleke has never stopped recording, producing, and performing his transcendent music. His critically acclaimed albums include Come to Me, Out of Africa, and Selam. The eclectic musical infusion one hears in Zeleke’s music is truly unique. He often employs Ethiopian and reggae rhythms.


Zeleke's music is a fusion of Amharic, English, and Jamaican patois. This blend creates a distinctive sound that has earned him a devoted fan base. Critics widely acknowledge that Zeleke's music is a rare gem that has the unique ability to inspire, enlighten, and entertain.

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