Interview with the owner of Al-Habesha Restaurant, Sara.


Interview with the owner of Al-Habesha Restaurant, Sara. With over 20 years in UAE, Al Habasha Restaurant is the first Ethiopian restaurant open in the region with locations all over the Emirates. Our goal consists of creating authentic Ethiopian food using only the freshest ingredients for you to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Ethiopian cuisine is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Essential parts of Ethiopian cookery are berbere (spicy red pepper paste), niter kibbeh (a spice-infused butter), and injera. Injera is made from a locally grown cereal called Teff, which is found only in Ethiopia. 


The sourdough pancake-like bread of Ethiopia is made from a fermented teff batter – in this way, it has a slightly tangy flavor and a wonderful light and airy texture. A typical meal will consist of a large injera, the size of a round coffee table, on which other dishes are placed such as beef, lamb, vegetables, and various types of lentils accompanied by a spicy stew. 


Food is an exotically spicy mix of vegetables, slow-simmered meat or grain stews, and fresh meat sautés. Ethiopian dishes are prepared with a distinctive variety of unique spices, which lend an unforgettably striking dimension to its exotic cookery.


Come and Enjoy with your family and friends. It would be our pleasure to serve your party and provide a well-organized, special, and memorable experience. We do all we can to make each guest’s experience unique by letting them discover a new dimension in the traditional Ethiopian food and well-known traditional serving of coffee called Jabana bound. 


Explore the flavors of Ethiopia and enjoy spicy stews at Al Habasha Restaurant.

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