Amhara and Oromia region border tension


Feta Daily News update on August 21, 2023. Andargachew was asked whether he had any discussion regarding the issue with the Premier. He said that he forwarded comments and views to the Prime Minister by mentioning the names of the corrupted officials. “I have resisted this for a long time. 


I have told him that an individual [he mentioned name] has taken such an amount of money. But the Prime Minister has not done anything to correct the practice,” he said. Andargachew said that the ethnic-based racism that was witnessed during the TPLF regime has now become a common trend. 


Thousands of people who are affiliated with the incumbent are amassing benefits illegally. Systemic theft is rampant in the country. “People are being employed en-masse without any proper qualifications. The theft is being committed by officials who are practicing this nepotism,” he said.


The veteran politician mentioned corruption incidents, extortion, and some individuals rotten in corruption. “I know an individual who paid two million birrs so that his detained wife would be released. Today the son of Werkineh Gebeyehu (Ph.D.), chief of IGAD, drives a Range Rover that costs 40 million birrs. 


The country is inhabited by people who have embezzled money from impoverished people. Some military generals own hotels and big buildings. A general [he mentioned name] from TPLF converted 900 million birr to USD and sent it overseas through the airport” Andargachew said.


Available sources indicate that Angargachew Tsigie was the chief executive officer of ESAT, an independent media outlet in Ethiopia. He previously served as the secretary-general of an opposition political party, Ginbot 7 that was labeled as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian government until 2018. 

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