I was born into a Muslim and Christian family - Journalist Mesele Gebrehiwot


Seifu on EBS - Interview with Journalist Mesele Gebrehiwot. The role of the news presenter developed over time. Classically, the presenter would read the news from news "copy" which they may or may not have helped write with a news writer. This was often taken almost directly from wire services and then rewritten. Prior to the television era, radio-news broadcasts often mixed news with opinion and each presenter strove for a distinctive style. These presenters were referred to as commentators. The last major figure to present commentary in a news broadcast format in the United States was Paul Harvey.

With the development of the 24-hour news cycle and dedicated cable news channels, the role of the anchor evolved. Anchors would still present material prepared for a news program, but they also interviewed experts about various aspects of breaking news stories, and themselves provided improvised commentary, all under the supervision of the lead (or main) producer, who coordinated the broadcast by communicating with the anchor through an earphone.

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