The Christianity program of Mekdes Tsegaye's twin children


The Christianity program of Mekdes Tsegaye's twin children. Music was my gift from God. I come from a musical family who encouraged me from an early age.  I had an uncle by the name of Araya G, who was musically gifted and performed with some world’s most renowned artists and musicians. 


As a young child, watching him on TV pursuing his passion deeply planted the desire of wanting to be a singer and a performer in me. I started drumming at an early age, using my hands and the school desks, to create beats and sounds. I am a self-taught drummer and I think this skill has enabled me to understand rhythm and musical composition. 


It has helped me communicate effectively and clearly with other musicians during my performances. Discipline: I was raised by a strict grandfather that instilled in me the values of discipline, focus, and respect for others. 


These early lessons have been pivotal in my career as they have helped me meet demanding and hard timelines, be on time for important rehearsals, and have a laser-sharp focus in a world that is constantly distracting. I think discipline is a very important skill to have in any career.


It is important to learn how to strike a balance between the two,  but understanding that creativity comes first. Money and business come as a result of the creativity you put out in the world. Not the other way around. You focus on the art and the creativity, then you work on giving it the value it deserves.

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